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Linen dresses are airy, light and therefore perfect for summer! A dress made from cooling, natural linen fabric gives its wearer a feminine look and is versatile. The linen dress is suitable for the office in high summer and in the evening you show yourself stylishly in casual elegance. We offer various brands of linen dresses and will be happy to advise you so that you can find the right dress for you!

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Can I wear a linen dress to the office?

Linen dresses have long since arrived in everyday business life. Combine them with sandals or pumps; in cooler temperatures, a small blazer is also a suitable complement to the dress. A little more casual is the cashmere or cotton cardigan. In the evening, throw on a colourful plaid and you can enjoy the evening after work.

Is a linen dress easy to care for?

A linen dress is not only easy to care for, it is also robust and durable. You can wash your dress made of the natural fabric linen in the washing machine, hang it up to dry and iron it lightly.

What do I do if my linen dress creases?

The crinkling of linen is one of its character-giving qualities. Linen dresses crease nobly and have long been a must-have in the summer wardrobe. Wear your dress casually, the creasing is part of it. If this is too much for you, however, you should prefer blends with other fabrics such as cotton or viscose when buying. These fabrics wrinkle less.