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Is recycled cashmere really an alternative?

I admit, I was a lover of the noble cashmere fibre for a long time and very much appreciated and was fixated on the softness, the feeling of well-being and the high quality. I still am 😊 BUT there is also something quite wonderful "new" and that is recycled cashmere. A few seasons ago I got to know the collection of Re_Branded and was immediately convinced! I realised that it is so important to also recycle the cashmere wool that already exists and the jumpers that have often been worn and loved for many years and make something quite wonderful new out of it.

When the first season of Re_Branded arrived at our es ce Concept shop in Schwabing, our customers were thrilled. With great pleasure, the collection was also well received in our online shop and I was convinced at the latest now to be on the right track to offer alternatives to our previous beautiful cashmere collections.

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As a new label in our house, I would like to introduce the Isìmo collection from Italy. This winter there are fashionable and at the same time casual jumpers made of 100% recycled cashmere. This is a very high quality, which you can feel immediately when wearing it. The recycled cashmere is nevertheless soft and very comfortable to wear on the skin as well.

In the meantime, demand is increasing more and more and this winter season we have also integrated Men's jumpers made of recycled cashmere into our own engage Cashmere collection for the first time. Here, too, the customer feedback is terrific! The recycled fibre is multi-twisted, it is a bit firmer to the touch and peeling is practically non-existent - also a positive side effect.


This great feedback from customers spurs us on to keep on the trail of sustainability and seek out new collections that offer recycled natural fibres. We will also be offering recycled cashmere for women in our own cashmere collection in the near future - let us surprise you and keep your finger on the pulse. Walk with us into the new world - the world of sustainability.