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Cashmere wool is a high-quality natural material and requires appropriate care on a natural basis. In order to enjoy our precious cashmere products for a long time, we recommend a sustainable cashmere detergent for the gentle care of your favourite pieces. For us, environmental friendliness is important when washing, whether by machine or by hand. For the sake of the environment, therefore, care should be taken to use few chemicals and detergents.

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Can I dry clean my cashmere?

No, please do not dry clean cashmere. Even though some manufacturers claim dry-cleaning on the product label, we clearly recommend gentle machine washing with a few spin cycles. This is the best way to keep cashmere fresh and clean.

What do I do about stains?

If you have discovered a stain on your cashmere jumper, you can gently wash the area with a little cashmere detergent. Be careful not to rub too much. Then simply put it in the washing machine.

Why do nodules form?

Nodules, called pilling, are caused by friction when worn.... Labels sewn into the inside of outdoor coats or pocket straps can also be the cause of unloved pilling. Basically, a loosely knitted cashmere will pill more than a tightly twisted knit. The purer the natural fibre, the easier it is for excess yarn to come out. Therefore, please wash the cashmere often!