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The Italian fashion brand Rosso35 was founded in 1973 by Gianni Signorelli and Marialaura Dellepiane. At that time still a small handicraft shop, the brand established itself as a dynamic, modern company that is now already being run by the second generation. The combination of tradition, quality, creativity and craftsmanship makes Rosso35 successful in the fashion industry and popular with customers.

Rosso35 is produced in Genova, in the north of Italy on the Ligurian Sea. Far away from noise and hustle and bustle, in local manufactories. Design and workmanship are the result of traditional handwork and modern technologies. Particularly striking: Elegant patterns and sophisticated colour plays on fine fibres, which can be offered to the customer thanks to expert knowledge and the latest dyeing techniques.

Rosso35 designs fashion for modern, educated women. For women who don't fall victim to trends, but who are strong and confident in their choices. Clean, straight lines, streamlined design. Elegantly, dresses by Rosso35 reflect the self-confident feminine charisma of their wearer without being obtrusive.

Timeless design, high quality materials and careful workmanship, let us convince you. We are pleased to be able to offer you Rosso35 here at Cashmere-Fashion.